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Color Couture

Color WOW Security Conditioner

Color WOW Security Conditioner

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Color WOW Color Security Conditioner

Easy detangling and super weightless hydration for fine, thin hair; 3 levels of heat protection


  • Superlight hydrator and power detangler

  • Won't oxidize and turn hair yellow or brassy so your color stays glossy and bright

  • Argan oil nourishes + delivers silky-smooth, glossy hair

  • 3 levels of thermal protection keep hair safe from dehydration and dulling

Color WOW Color Security Conditioner

Must-have for anyone who wants to maintain vibrant, healthy, and glossy hair. Its unique formulation not only ensures easy detangling and hydration but also safeguards your hair from the harmful effects of heat with its three levels of protection.

This conditioner is truly WOW! It's not just any product; it is a superlight hydrator and a powerful detangler that enhances the beauty of your hair without weighing it down. Its use of argan oil nourishes your hair, providing a silky smooth and glossy finish that is sure to draw compliments.

The magic of this conditioner doesn't stop there. It's designed to prevent oxidation, ensuring your hair color doesn't turn yellow or brassy. Instead, your hair stays shiny, bright, and as glossy as the day you colored it. This adds to the longevity of your color, keeping it vibrant and stunning.

Plus, it offers not one, not two, but three levels of thermal protection! This feature shields your hair from heat-induced dehydration and dullness that can come from frequent styling.

With Color WOW Color Security Conditioner, your hair stays hydrated, shiny, and beautiful, irrespective of how often you style it. This product is indeed a game-changer in hair care, raising the bar high for others in the market. Step up your haircare game and experience the WOW factor today!

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