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Hair Toppers & Hair Pieces

Hair Toppers & Hair Pieces

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Hair Toppers For Women

Hair topper crown for women with thinning hair: Designed to add volume & length at the crown without a full wig. Wiglets & pieces make sparse areas vanish.

Key Features:

  • Price Inclusive: Blending, coloring, toning, cut, and application.
  • Solution for Thin Hair: Designed to hide hair loss effectively.
  • Fully Customized: Tailored to your unique look and preference.
  • Natural Appearance: Offers a more authentic look than other toppers in the market.
  • Personal Fitting: Ensuring a seamless and comfortable fit.
  • Home Maintenance Kit: Cut and style with ease.
  • Secure Attachment: All crowns are equipped with a reliable 4-clip system.
  • Length: Approximately 14 inches for the perfect cascade.

FAQ: Premium Human Hair Topper Crown

Q: Why are the Premium Human Hair Topper Crown priced at $1700?

A: The $1700 price point for our Premium Hair Topper Crown reflects a combination of premium quality, comprehensive services, and long-term benefits. Here's a detailed breakdown:

  • Comprehensive Service: Your purchase includes blending, coloring, toning, cutting, and application, which when sourced separately, can quickly add up.

  • High-Quality Solution: These toppers are specially designed for individuals with thin hair or those looking to hide hair loss, ensuring an impeccable look.

  • Custom Tailoring: Our extensions are fully customized to your unique preferences for a seamless blend with your natural hair.

  • Natural Finish: Our toppers offer a distinctly natural appearance compared to others in the market, thanks to high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

  • Personal Fitting: We prioritize a perfect fit, offering personal fitting sessions to ensure comfort and a natural look.

  • Home Maintenance Kit: To extend the lifespan of your topper and maintain its look, we include a home maintenance kit, eliminating frequent stylist visits.

  • Secure Attachment & Ideal Length: The toppers are equipped with a robust 4-clip system and are approximately 14 inches long for volume and coverage.

This price is an investment in top-tier quality, extensive services, and most importantly, your confidence and appearance.

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