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Color Correction (6-9hrs)

Color Correction (6-9hrs)

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Hair Color Correction - Kennewick, WA

Please note that the duration and pricing of our Hair Color Correction Service may vary depending on the complexity of your hair color situation.

To ensure the best possible outcome, we require all clients to schedule a consultation prior to booking our Hair Color Correction Service and receive a personalized quote.


Have you experienced a hair color mishap or are you unhappy with your current color?

Don't worry – our Hair Color Correction Service at Color Couture hair salon in Kennewick, WA is here to save the day!

Our highly skilled and experienced colorists are experts in identifying and rectifying hair color issues, helping you achieve the stunning results you deserve.

Our Hair Color Correction Service at Color Couture Salon in Kennewick, WA is tailored to your specific needs, whether it's fixing uneven tones, removing unwanted hues, correcting over-processed hair, or transitioning from one color to another.

We understand that every client's hair is unique, and our colorists will take the time to thoroughly assess your hair's condition, history, and desired outcome during an in-depth consultation.

Using the highest quality products and techniques, our team will work meticulously to restore your hair's health and vibrancy, while ensuring that the color is balanced, even, and flattering.

We prioritize the integrity of your hair throughout the process, and will provide personalized recommendations for at-home care to maintain your gorgeous new color.

At Color Couture Salon, we believe in the power of great hair to boost confidence and enhance your overall appearance.

Our Hair Color Correction Service is designed to help you feel beautiful and empowered, with a hair color that truly reflects your personality and style.

Don't let a hair color mishap keep you down!

Book your Hair Color Correction Service at Color Couture beauty salon today and let our talented team transform your tresses into a stunning masterpiece.

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