How to spot a florist who’s selling fake flowers

LONDON -- The florists selling fake roses have to be careful.They may have a customer waiting to take their picture, or they may be just as intent on convincing you that their roses are from the best place in the world.Flowers from the fake roses sold by a London-based company are not only cheap, but they can also be counterfeit.A

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A ‘waste of time’ in the hair salon industry

The word "dumping" comes to mind.It describes the way a business person might dump a customer's product into a landfill, or simply dump a product that they don't really want.It's the same concept that comes to light in some of the worst hair and beauty disasters we've seen in Australia's history.In this case, the company, Bedders Hair Salon in Alice

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Which is the worst hairstyle for men?

Hairdresser Adam Sandler is a controversial figure among men for his controversial opinions on men's hair.However, he does have a lot of support among women, and in fact, he's the most popular hairstyle in Canada.Here are his top tips for men's hairstyles.What is your favourite hairstyle?The first thing that you should do when looking for a hairstyle is to get

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How to get a blowjob from a naturist

A naturism expert said she had been asked by a client of hers to strip naked and have sex with her because she thought she looked sexy.In an interview with The Times, the hairdrister said she thought the client was too "hot" for her but decided to let her have her way after she noticed the blonde had an "off-the-wall"

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