From kris karrasian to hair salons, hairdresses are everywhere.

But what are they?

And what is it like being a woman at one of them?

That’s the question the authors of the article “What’s a Woman in Hair?” ask.

They answer themselves in a series of articles published in the New Scientist magazine.

The first article, “What is a Woman?” is published today. 

The authors discuss the various ways women work in the industry. 

One way is as a salons assistant.

The salon assistant role is a form of unpaid work, they say, in which women work as assistants to male workers. 

“A woman in hairdryer does not have the same status as a woman working in a salon, and as such she is not as privileged as a male hairdristresser,” they write.

They go on to list the many ways in which this is the case, including: the importance of female voices in the workplace, the role of the hairdressor as an advisor, and the fact that female hairddressers are usually underrepresented in the professional community.

The second article, on the importance women have in the salon, explores the importance they have in society, including in the fields of art, fashion, literature, science and technology.

They highlight the importance the salon has placed on women, including the importance salon staff have on their careers. 

The third article, titled “What Does it Take to be a Woman at a Hair Salon?” focuses on the fact women are paid less than men for the same work.

“The pay gap in hair salon work is the biggest in the world,” the authors write.

“More than 40 per cent of the salon staff are women.” 

It’s also true, they write, that a woman may be able to work for less than a male hairstylist for the exact same job.

The authors argue that it is the difference in pay between women and men that determines whether they are considered as equals in the profession. 

Finally, they go on the claim that women are the majority of hair stylists, and that the fact the majority are women also indicates a larger social problem.

“For example, the fact a majority of female hairstylists are employed in women’s hair saloon does not make them less valued as women, because their work is more demanding and they are paid lower salaries,” they say.

“But it does make it more difficult for women to be considered as equal in the field.”

They conclude that the issue of the pay gap is not just an issue of sexism but of sexism in the work environment as a whole.

The authors conclude: “The issue of a large pay gap between women in the hair salo industry is of course about sexism in this industry, and we cannot just talk about it in a vacuum.

This is not to say that women should be paid less, or that men should not be paid more.

We should speak out about this issue because it is not simply a question of sexism.”

The article will be on view at the New Science Museum, Brighton, from Friday 12 April to Sunday 1 April.

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