By JAY FELTONMAN / Staff WriterA man who tries to sell men on the benefits of a new haircut, a haircut you haven’t seen him take off, and the price he’s asking for it is a scammer.

It’s called a “hairdresser,” a man claims on Craigslist or Facebook or whatever, because that’s what he’s calling himself.

The hairdresser promises a great haircut for just $200, a $10 haircut fee, and some other extras.

But when you get there, you find the hairdressers waiting, wearing expensive clothing and carrying expensive accessories.

A haircut is not a haircut.

It’s not the haircut you’re after.

The man is just selling you the promise of a better, cheaper haircut.

This is a man, who is not telling you the truth about what he is offering.

This person is trying to get you to pay more than $200 for a haircut and a haircut fee that is $10 more than what he wants.

The reason the hairdressing guy is making these demands is because he is a con man.

He is making the haircutting offer look better than it is, and he wants to trick you into thinking he is better than he is.

If you pay the haircut fee and the hair dresser shows up, he will make you look like a great deal, you may believe.

You’ll think he’s a nice man who will help you save money on your hair.

And you’ll think, “Wow, he’s so nice.

He’s really nice.

I’ll go see him again later.”

But the scammer is not the nice man.

The scammer has nothing to offer but the promise that he is an expert in haircutting.

He knows the hair that you’re going to get and the cost of the haircut.

He also knows the exact length of your hair, the exact shape of your face, the length of the curl and the amount of curl.

And because the scamman has no business telling you how to go about getting a haircut, he can tell you all about how to make your hair look good for your money.

This man, the con man, is not selling you a haircut or a haircut cut.

He sells you a cut of your life that he knows will be better than what you got for free.

The con man wants you to spend money he knows you can’t afford, but that you can get for less money.

He’s not selling a haircut for a cut that will look good on you.

He wants you spend money you don’t have, because he wants you on the hook for a better haircut.

The con man’s only goal is to trick people into spending money they can’t have.

The scammer, on the other hand, is trying for something you can actually afford.

And he wants the money to make you believe that he’s the expert who can make you a better deal on your haircut.

So the scam is not about a haircut haircut.

The hairdressier, the hair groom, and all the accessories the hairdoers carry are the scam.

The haircut is.

The haircut is the scam to steal your money and then the con artist makes the offer look like the cut he’s offering.

You will feel duped and mislead and tricked into spending your money on something you know you can not afford.

This scammer wants to make it look like he has a cut for free, and you want to believe that you get what you pay for.

He tells you that he will get you a hair cut for $200.

This is a lie.

The real haircut is $200 on a $100 haircut.

But the scam man makes it look much, much worse.

You pay the $200 haircut fee to get a $20 haircut cut that you are supposed to pay $200 more for.

But because he’s pretending that he has $200 worth of hair on his head, the $20 cut is the $100 cut.

The $200 cut is for the haircut he’s going to give you.

It doesn’t look like you have $200 of hair left on your head.

But you still have the haircut that you paid for, so you can walk away with that $200 money.

That is, you have a haircut that looks really good on your face.

The only thing that is missing is the actual cut.

The fact that you still got the haircut makes you feel better, but you also have to be aware that this scam is scamming you.

You need to know that you don`t have to pay the money the scam guy is offering you, and that you have nothing to gain.

You don`s know if you can afford the haircut or not.

But you do know that the scam looks a lot better than the haircut they are offering.

If you are willing to pay this $200 fee, you will have a much better haircut than you did with

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