VIDEO: A woman has been caught on camera holding a scissors in a Melbourne park.

The video shows the man holding the scissors up in the air, which he is clearly using to cut a flower.

Footage from inside the Bardswell Park Hairstyling Academy in Melbourne shows a woman holding a piece of plastic scissors, which she is clearly holding in her left hand, and a clipart piece of the flower, which appears to be in a clip on the man’s left arm.

The clipart artist, who appears to have no idea how to use a scissors, asks the man for help before pulling the scissors out.

“You’re a free man, right?” the woman says to the man.

The man responds: “I’m not a free guy, I’m a slave to a system.”

He then asks for help from the woman, who is clearly a slave.

“Please help me,” the woman pleads.

The woman, clearly a prisoner, pulls out a clip art piece of a flower and asks for assistance from the man, who has already taken it off.

“I’ll cut your piece,” the man says.

“Cut it!”

The clip artist, in the middle of cutting the flower piece, asks if the man is free.

The tape cuts out, and the man turns around and leaves the scene.

“They should have taken the clip art and made it into a piece that would have been seen,” the ABC reported.

“We don’t have a free press in this country, people can’t be free.

They’re forced to be slaves.”

The man in the video is clearly seen wearing a shirt with a photo of a butterfly.

It comes after a man in Sydney was filmed holding scissors and cutting flowers.

The footage was shared online and was widely viewed on social media.

The ABC has reached out to the Bardwell Park Hairdresser for comment.

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