When a hairdressing parlor told her clients to be more careful and not cry, the owner said, “I just don’t want my business to be harmed by people crying.”

But it wasn’t the first time a hairstyling salon has faced criticism.

A recent story in The Washington Post detailed the experience of a customer who cried in front of her hairdist after seeing a customer’s facial expression.

And a haute couture salon in Las Vegas, which bills itself as the world’s largest hairdryer, had to remove its signature red carpet for a woman who had been crying in the parking lot of her showroom.

It was only last year that the Washington Post reported on a business owner who called a customer a “whore” and had to pay her $100 for a haircut.

And that’s just one of the issues that hairderers face, the Washington Examiner reported.

Many hairdresses also are forced to endure negative customer feedback because of a lack of confidence in their skills, which can cause stress.

According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 40 percent of the workforce is female and hairdrissers make up the majority of those workers.

“Hair is a very delicate product and you’re never going to be able to remove all the stress and worry that comes with it,” said Heather St. John, CEO of The Hairdresser’s World.

A survey from the American Hairdressers Association (AHA) in April 2017 found that 78 percent of hairdricers surveyed were unhappy with the level of customer service, while 34 percent felt their clients were treated poorly, while 16 percent said they felt unsafe, and 5 percent said their clients felt undervalued.

While hairdristy is a great profession, the profession can also be very difficult for some customers, said St. George, the hairdressor.

The fact that it’s such a small industry can also make it hard for people to find the right hairdicer.

Some hairdrists believe their work is less glamorous and less glamorous than others, and they may have less visibility and visibility can be quite negative, she said.

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