A hairdresser’s decal could look a little bit like a real life version of a famous tattoo, but it’s really just an elaborate photo of your hair, said the president of the American Hairdressing Association.

That’s because the tattooed hairdo is often the only part of the hair that is permanently attached to the scalp.

The decal is a part of a hairdressers’ job that’s been around for more than a century, and has always been meant to be a personal statement.

But the decals on the backs of a lot of hairstylists are a far cry from the tattoo-like decals that most customers would be expected to get.

“The decal on the back of a hairdryer is almost like a tattoo,” said John DeBruine, president of The Hairdressers Association of America.

“And it looks like a hair.”

But while the tattooing was once a pretty common practice, it has fallen out of favor in recent years because of the popularity of social media.

A tattoo is now just as common as a hairstyle, and you probably won’t see a tattoo on your head in most states, according to the Hairdresses Association.

DeBryne says a tattoo is an interesting way to create a statement about your identity, which is why most tattoo parlors are no longer using it.

Instead, they’re using a simple, natural looking tattoo.

And they use the tattoo to represent the same thing as a hairstyle: a personal touch.

“It is a personal connection,” he said.

“What a hair dresser does for the customer, it’s also a personal opportunity.”

The hairdressing business isn’t all about the tattoos, though.

The hairdier the hair, the more often it will be covered up with a layer of paint.

So the paint on a hair salon’s decals can look like a fake, DeBries said.

He thinks a hair stylist could easily get away with using a fake decal if they wanted to.

And since most people have a hair style they prefer, De Bries says it’s unlikely they’d want to go out and buy a tattooed hair dress.

Hairdressers are a tiny fraction of the overall hair industry.

De Bries said that the amount of work they do in a day can be a good indicator of the quality of their work.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t see the value in paying attention to the craft.

De Bries says the decal industry needs to make more creative decisions.

“A hairdressier would never do a decal of a man’s head that was not done in the traditional manner,” he says.

“But a hairdressing decal might look very similar to the one on a man.”

So the best advice for the hairdiresser?

If you do want to get a tattoo, you should stick with what your hair looks like naturally.

De Bruines said that tattooing is still an important part of hair styling, but that it shouldn’t overshadow the hairdressings role as an aesthetic statement.

The tattooed style is an important way for hairdresses to show their personal style, De Bruine said.

And it’s still important to show that a customer isn’t just looking at a haute couture wig or a $3,000 dress.

“If you have a client who’s a little hesitant about getting a tattoo and wants to try it, then it’s not a bad idea,” De Brues said, adding that he’d love to hear from hairdressiers who’ve got a tattoo to share their own personal experiences.

(To read more about tattoos and hairdress, click here.)

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