The top three men in America are, for the most part, men who run businesses that generate revenues for themselves and their families, rather than the rest of society.

They include Donald Trump, the president of the United State; Rupert Murdoch, founder of News Corp.; and Jack Welch, former chairman of General Electric.

They are also, of course, celebrities.

The most influential are all men who hold top positions in their respective businesses and their lives.

The only exception is Bill Gates, whose company, Microsoft, is one of the biggest in the world.

The world’s most powerful man, Mr. Gates, has a net worth of $69 billion.

He also runs a major nonprofit, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Mr. Trump, whose businesses include the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail, is the most influential American.

He is worth $21 billion.

The billionaire also has a foundation and an organization named after him.

Mr.”s wealth is due to the fact that he has become a symbol of success for the vast majority of the population, the people who have had the most success in their lives and the most chance of living to be very old.

That success is the result of a system of incentives and rewards and not the result from hard work.

This is the system that Mr. Putin is trying to overturn, Mr.”

Mr. Welch, who also runs the Welch Foundation, is worth a little more than $12 billion.

It is not clear how much his foundation contributes to the Trump Foundation.

Bill Gates has been a big influence in the foundation.

He started it with $5 million in 1994.

He has given more than half a billion dollars.

He runs it with Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Bezos.

Mr., Murdoch has become Mr. Donald Trump’s biggest supporter.

Mr Bezos, who owns The Washington Post, is Mr. Bill Clinton’s personal financial backer.

He donated $2 million to the foundation last year.

The foundation is run by Mr. Babbage, who had helped set up the Clinton Foundation, and Mr., Gates.

Mr, Murdoch has donated $1.5 million to Mr. Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Mr Trump, who has made an effort to expand his philanthropic activities, has given $10 million.

His foundation has given a total of $1 billion to the Clinton foundation.

Mr Gates, Mr Murdoch and the Clintons have not given much money to Mr Trump.

Mr Murdoch has given almost nothing, while Mr Gates has given about $400,000.

Mr Clinton has given nearly $500,000, and he has donated about $300,000 to the group that funds his charitable foundation.

The president’s charity has given Mr. Bush $100,000 and Mr Trump $100.

Mr Bush’s foundation, the Bush Center for American Progress, has donated more than a billion to other foundations.

That is a good start.

But, as Mr. Buffett said, “There is a difference between giving money and giving a product.”

The president has been very generous in his philanthropy.

His family has donated billions of dollars to many organizations, including a foundation that provides grants to needy schools.

Mr and Mrs. Clinton have given $20 million to help schools and other programs to get kids to college, and the couple has given millions more to charities.

They have given about half a million to their foundation, and about $2.5 billion to various charitable groups.

They also have given more to the president’s foundation.

Many of Mr. and Mrs Clinton’s gifts are earmarked for projects that are not directly related to their philanthropic work.

For example, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, an initiative that offers free health care to low-income and uninsured Americans, has been used by Mr Trump to give $500 million to his foundation.

In the early 2000s, Mr and Ms. Clinton gave money to a foundation to help students in developing countries get better health care and education.

That money helped to open the health care system in several countries, including Brazil, India, the Philippines and Peru.

The Clinton Foundation has given the Obama administration $1 million.

The Clintons have also given money to the Kennedy Center, the National Endowment for Democracy and to organizations that promote democracy and human rights.

Mr Donald Trump has given his wife $5,000 in gifts to his foundations.

He and his wife, Melania, have also made grants to organizations.

Mr Romney, the Republican nominee, has also donated money to his various foundations, and to the Republican National Committee.

Mr Welch, the founder of Fox News, has not donated much money.

He gave about $100 million to organizations in the past decade, including the Republican Governors Association and the American Legion.

The Fox News Foundation has donated nearly $2 billion to Republican candidates, Republican committees and Republican candidates for state legislative offices.

Mr Obama has given less than $1,000 per year to his own foundation.

But his administration has

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