Gioias hairstyle has been a go-to for all her friends, and now she has her own salon.

After a month in her new salon, Gioica says, she can feel more confident in the salon.

She said, “My hair is so amazing, I feel so much more confident.”

Gioia said, “[My hairstyle] was so hard to do and it was so time consuming, so I felt so bad for people like me who would have to wait.”

But the time spent in the stylist’s chair is a blessing for Gioicas friends.

“I was really worried about my hair, I felt like I had a long way to go before it was good enough, but my hair has become my best friend now,” Gioicia said.

Gioica said her hair is a constant reminder of her friends.

“I have a big group of people who are all like, ‘You should be in this salon,'” Gioican said.

“My friends know that I’m doing my hair because they’ve seen my hair and I’ve made them look great.”

Ginoia said that having a stylist who knows her hair, and who is willing to take her time to help her is a plus.

“It helps a lot,” Ginoia added.

Ginoias hair salon is in Gioicas hometown of Parma, Italy.

Gioas friends have been to Gioisi, Parma and other places.

Ginoias favorite place is her home in Parma.

She says her hair and the people who look at her hair are her favorite things about the city.

“Parma is the home of so many beautiful women, and it’s beautiful,” Giorgioia said.

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