Curly hair haircare is the newest trend to pop up online, and it seems to be growing rapidly.

According to a new survey by the National Association of Curly Hairs, there are now more than 1 million online customers of, which is run by the International Curl Society, a nonprofit organization that offers tips and resources on hair care.

Curly haircare has taken off, as evidenced by a surge in popularity on Instagram and other social media, and the popularity of Instagrammers’ posts of curlies looking to get into the market.

In 2018, about 70 percent of Instagram users were curlies, according to a report by LinkedIn, while just 20 percent of Twitter users were.

And in 2018, almost a third of Instagramers said they were curlers.

This trend has sparked a resurgence of hair care trends in recent years.

In 2014, it was a trend to use curly hairstyles, as many people saw it as a more natural alternative to straight hair.

Then, in 2015, it became a trend for people to use curly hair in the summer months, as a way to keep their hair from getting frizzy.

The popularity of curly hair hair has been attributed to a growing awareness that hair is naturally curly, said Kelly Stiles, owner of

Stiles said curlies are starting to take advantage of the popularity and beauty of the trend, especially with younger generations, who are increasingly concerned with hair care issues, she told Business Insider.

She added that curlies were the perfect choice for curly people looking to take on the curly trend and take advantage.

“Curly hair has always been popular and fashionable,” Stiles told BusinessInsider.

“But I think people are realizing that curly hair is also beautiful.”

While there are several popular curlies for men and women, Stiles believes there are many different types of hair curlies.

She says that for curlies to be successful, they have to have a certain “curly-ness,” which is a soft, straight look.

“You need a natural, straight hair texture,” she said.

“You need to have the hair that doesn’t get all messy.”

Curly hairdo hairstyles and products have also been gaining popularity, and they’re getting better.

In 2017, the market for curling was estimated at $13 billion.

And that number is expected to increase in 2018 as more hair curlers begin to use products to achieve their desired curls.

While there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to hair curling, Stilts said curling is not only about getting a smooth, natural look, but also about maintaining a natural shape.

She said that curlers are often not curling as often as they used to be, but they still want to look natural.

“I want my hair to be the best it can be,” Stilys said.

And with the growing popularity of curly hair, many men and even women are turning to curlies and other products for styling their hair, and finding more natural looks.

“Curly hairstyling is now so mainstream that I think many men are gravitating toward it and some women are gravitated toward it as well,” Stile said.

One of the best curlies that you can buy is Hair Rake, which comes in two sizes, and is available in hair products ranging from hair gel to hair brushes.

Hair Rakes have been around for a long time, but Curls says they have grown in popularity.

In 2018, the average length of hair in America was about 12 inches, which made Curls hair products the best option for curlers looking to keep up with their style.

In addition, Curls Hair Rags are available in three sizes, including the smaller size, which includes a curler’s comb and comb attachments.

Hair Rags comes in a variety of colors, and are available at Curls in the US and Canada, as well as online.

In addition to the products and services offered by Curls, Stile also sells her own hair products, including hair scrubs, waxes, and hair treatments.

She also sells hair and body care products at and has also been featured on The Cut, Cosmopolitan, and many other publications.

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