NEW YORK — New York hairdressing salon owner and salon founder Dana Smith opened up about his secret life behind the cameras for a new documentary.

Smith told ABC News he was so taken with the film that he decided to reveal some of his past to the public.

“I really wanted to get a story out there about my life and what I’ve been through to tell people,” he said.

“And I think the story that comes out of it will be a blessing to a lot of people.”

The movie will be released in November.

Smith said the filmmakers, from New York’s independent news organization the Daily News, asked him about some of the things he did in the past.

“I had to tell them some things that were just as shocking to me as what I’m telling you now,” Smith said.

The documentary, titled “Life Behind the Camera,” is based on a book by James Carville titled “The Untold Story of the Tragedy of My Life.”

It chronicles Smith’s rise to fame in New York, from his childhood in Brooklyn to the infamous, drug-infested salon where he worked, to his relationship with a woman named Dana.

Smith has said the story of Dana is the story he told to the filmmakers.

Smith said Dana had been his first wife, and they divorced in 2003.

He also has been accused of drugging women and sexually assaulting them.

The allegations surfaced in 2006 when he was arrested on a drunken driving charge.

In the documentary, Smith discusses his personal life, including his relationship to his then-girlfriend, a fashion designer named Dana, who was married to another model named Dana L. Smith has said Dana’s marriage was abusive.

He said the two of them have four children together, three of whom are now adults.

Smith is now divorced, and he has two children and another woman living with him.

He and his wife live in an upscale New York apartment, with their dogs.

Smith has also said he is not interested in re-opening his salon and that he is happy with his life now.

“It’s kind of a new chapter in my life, where I’m happy with my life.

I’m not unhappy.

I don’t even think about the past,” he told ABC.

“I don’t worry about it.”

ABC News’ Michael W. Sullivan contributed to this report.

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