What to wear to the inauguration:A tie, a pair of pants, or a sweater that will make you feel like a true lady?

A dress that won’t make you look like you’re wearing a pair a pants, and a hat that won?

The Hill’s Lauren O’Connor offers a rundown of what to wear at the inaugural ball:A.

Dress: A suit or blazer.


Pants: A pair of jeans, a tank top, or some sort of low-cut shirt.


Hat: A hat.


Shirt: A shirt with a hole cut in it.


Hat : A hat that has been decorated with glitter.


T-shirt : A shirt that has a red, black, or white stripe.


Shorts : A pair that has the word “Fancy” on them.


Tops : A jacket or dress shirt with some sort in the bottom of the back.


Shoe : Shoes with a logo that says “Made in America.”


Shoes : Shoes that say “Made with American materials.”


Shoes: Shoes with “Made by Americans.”


Shoes, shoes, shoes: Shoes made in America.



Shoes made by Mexicans.


Boots: Shoes that make you think they’re made in the United States.


Shoes/Nudie Shoes: Shoe accessories that say something like “Made By Americans.”


Shoes /Pantyhose : Shoes made with the word P.A.

M on them, or something similar.


Shoes and socks: Shoes worn in public that say, “Made With American Made.”


Shoes in your shoe collection: Shoes you buy to wear in public, or shoes you wear to show off.


Shoes that are from China: Shoes from China made to look American.


Shoes with an American flag: Shoes of this sort, including shoes with “American Made.”


Shoes of the United Kingdom: Shoes imported from the United Kings of the U.K. to look like American made.


Shoes from the U and W.V., the British Isles, to look British.


Shoes imported by Americans: Shoes used by Americans to show their country.


Shoes used in a movie that say American Made: Shoes in a film by the same name, with the words “Made In America.”


Shoes worn by a movie star: Shoes the actor wears in his movie.


Shoes bought in a fashion show: Shoes sold by fashion shows in New York, Chicago, London, or Los Angeles.1.

A suit: A white button-down shirt with black and white stripes.2.

A skirt: A short-sleeved, sleeveless skirt with a white stripe in the center.3.

A shirt: A button-up, or “dress shirt,” with white sleeves and white buttons at the shoulders.4.

A sweater: A knit sweater with a small amount of pink in the front.5.

A tie: A tie that has some kind of hole cut into it.6.

A hat: A red, blue, or yellow hat with a red stripe on the top.7.

A scarf: A scarf with white or light blue stripes in the back, or dark blue in the sleeves.8.

A purse: A purse with a black, blue or yellow “Made America” logo at the top of the front, or with a “Made for America” design on the side.9.

A belt: A belt that has something like a “Make America Great Again” buckle on it, or the words, “America First.”10.

A necklace: A necklace that has white or dark-blue dots or designs at either end.11.

A bracelet: A bracelet with some kind or pattern on it.12.

A pair: A small bracelet with either white or black dots or an oval-shaped design.13.

A ring: A ring with some shape or color on it or a white-colored band.14.

A pendant: A pendants with a silver or black star on the middle, or silver or white diamonds or a silver-colored ring around the middle.15.

A watch: A watch that says, “Make American Great Again.”16.

A bookmark: A bookmark with a large “Make Americans Great Again!” logo at one end.17.

A phone: A phone that says that it is made in “Made” or “Made For America.”18.

A mug: A mug with some type of design at the bottom, or gold or white.19.

A pen: A pen with some ink or lines or shapes.20.

A book: A book that says something like, “made in America” or something like that.21.

A sign: A sign that says a word or phrase like, “‘Made by America’ or something

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