A Washington state hairdo stylist and his customers have been ordered to stop advertising on the online hair care store Josepines.

The company said Thursday that the stylists violated the terms of the salon’s agreement with the state and its business partners.

In a statement, the company said it would suspend the sale of the Josepet’s hair care products.

The state said it was seeking an injunction to stop the salon from selling Josephe’s products.

The Josepyt stylists’ agreement with Washington state and the state business partners prohibits them from selling the company’s products in the state, except through the state.

It also requires them to cease selling to customers in the area where the salon is located.

The agreement says they cannot sell to individuals.

Josephina Skaught, a senior fellow with the non-profit Center for Consumer Freedom, said she thought the agreement was a good idea.

She said the stylist’s contract was signed in 2016, and it was signed by the state of Washington.

But the state was not informed that the Jovepines products were being sold online until March 2017, she said.

“I thought it was a bit strange that the state didn’t get informed about that,” she said in a telephone interview.

“I thought, well, this is something they have no say in.

So, I didn’t think that the states agreement was fair.”

In an email to The Washington Times, Joseprines spokeswoman Erin O’Sullivan said the company was “deeply saddened by this situation.”

She said it did not comment on pending litigation.

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